क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 CMM / MEQ / 25-26-2-1142 Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Handling, Transportation, Pre-fabrication, Pre-assembly, Assembly, Welding, Erection, Inspection, Commissioning, Load Testing and Handing over of the Material Handling Equipment & Trestle metal structures and Handling, Transportation, Prefabrication, Pre-assembly, Assembly, Welding, Erection, Inspection, Commissioning, Load Testing of Material Handling Equipment provided by Purchaser, for KKNPP-3&4 Project.14/08/201825/09/201825/09/2018
2 CMM / OPS / 00-00-9-3193 Procurement of Raw Materials, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Packing, Supply and Guarantee of End Fittings and Associated Components for RAPS-3 and KGS-1.14/08/201819/09/201819/09/2018
3 MAPS / CTC / MM / SINGLE / 758 (RT-ET 412) / 2018 AMC for Godrej Forklifts.14/08/201821/08/201831/08/2018
4 CMM / OPS / 00-00-9-3190 Design, Fabrication, Manufacture, Assembly, Inspection, Testing, Commissioning of Setup, Supervision during Experiment run and delivery of 19 Element Fuel Bundle Simulator for TAPS-3&4.14/08/201804/09/201804/09/2018
5 CMM / OPS / 00-73-9-3196 Manufacturing, Quality assurance, Inspection and supply of SS Pipes to 8 operating stations located at 5 different sites as per Section C -Technical specification of Stores.09/08/201812/09/201812/09/2018
6 CMM / OPS / 56-70-9-3072 Supply, Installation, Configuration, Testing & Commissioning of Electronic TLD Management System (ETMS) and Imparting Training to Purchasers Engineers for RAPS – 1&2, RAPS-3&4, RAPS-5&6, KGS-1&2 and KGS-3&4 Sites.09/08/201814/09/201814/09/2018
7 CMM / EIC / 25-00-3-3400 Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Control & Instrumentation Package (CIP) for KKNPP-3&4 Project.06/08/201827/08/201824/09/2018
8 CMM / OPS / 02-33-9-3184 Manufacturing and supply of Automatic Pipe Cutting & Bevelling Machine with chipless cutting for the root portion with spares and training for RAPS-2.03/08/201807/09/201807/09/2018
9 CMM / OPS / 54-33-9-3166 Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing, Tropical Packaging, Guarantee and Delivery of Silver Gaskets to NAPS – 1&2, RAPS – 3&4, KGS – 1 TO 4 and TAPS – 3&4. 30/07/201804/09/201804/09/2018
10 CMM / EIC / 00-10-3-3403 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) of Video Conferencing Systems at HQ and Sites/Projects of NPCIL and Operation, day-to-day management of Video Conferencing Systems at NPCIL-HQ for the period of Two years. 27/07/201830/08/201830/08/2018