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Location : Kudankulam, District : Tirunellveli-Kattabomman, Tamil Nadu State.
Unit NumberReactor TypeCapacity (MWe)Schedule Date of Commercial OperationExpected Date of Commercial OperationPhysical Progress
1V V E R -1000 (PWR)1000Dec-2007Oct-2013 (First Synchronized to Grid)99.97 % as on Nov-2014
2V V E R -1000 (PWR)1000Dec-2008Apr-2015 (First Criticality)97.63 % as on Nov-2014
Major Milestones
ActivityUnit No.Completion
Unit No.Completion
Power startup (Phase C1, C2, C3 commissioning)1 July-2014 2 -
Syncronisation of Turbo-Generator1 Oct-2013 2 -
Attainment of First Criticality and Low Power Tests (Phase-B2 commissioning)1 July-2013 2 -
Sub-criticality tests (Phase-B1 commissioning)1 Apr-2013 2 -
Fuel loading1 Oct-2012 2 -
Pre-service inspection of NSSS equipment (Phase-A4 commissioning)1 July-2012 2 -
Removing of dummy fuel from RPV1 June-2012 2 -
Hot run of Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) (Phase A-3 Commissioning)1 Aug-2011 2 -
Individual function test of equipment / systems (phase A-1, commissioning)1 Apr-2011 2 -
Containment pressure boundary test (Phase A-2 Commissioning)1 Jan-2011 2 Feb-2014
Hydro test & circular flushing of primary circuit1 Dec-2010 2 July-2014
Commissioning of Compressors1 Dec-2010 2 Dec-2010
Reactor Checkup and Assembly for "Stage Hydraulic Test"1 Aug-2010 2 Jan-2014
Dummy fuel loading1 July-2010 2 July-2013
Spillage to open reactor1 Apr-2010 2 Apr-2013
Putting Turbine on Barring Gear in TB-11 Mar-2010 2 -
Pre-stressing of RB Inner Containment (IC) Dome1 Sep-2009 2 July-2009
Commissioning of Trestle Crane1 May-2009 2 Mar-2010
Commissioning of DM Plant1 Apr-2009 2 Apr-2009
Charging of Reserve Power Supply System (RPSS)1 Jan-2009 2 Sep-2011
Commissioning of 220 KV GIS System1 Nov-2008 2 Nov-2008
Erection of Turbine & Generator1 Sep-2008 2 Aug-2010
Erection of NSSS Equipment & pipelines (MCP)1 July-2008 2 Apr-2009
Construction of Outer Containment (OC) Dome1 May-2008 2 Oct-2008
Construction of RB Inner Containment (IC) Dome1 Oct-2007 2 July-2008
Commissioning of Polar Crane1 Apr-2007 2 Dec-2007
Construction of Main Control Room and Auxiliary Building (up to 22.8 M) 1 Apr-2006 2 Oct-2006
Construction of Emergency Power Supply and Control Building 1 Feb-2006 2 Sep-2008
Construction of Turbine Building up to 36.5 M Including Crane beam.1 Aug-2005 2 Jan-2007
Construction of Primary Containment of RB Wall upto 43.9M1 May-2005 2 Nov-2005
Construction of Switchyard Control Building1 Oct-2004 2 Oct-2004
Construction upto RB + 5.4 Slab 1 Sep-2003 2 Dec-2003
Completion of RB 0.00m Slab1 Mar-2003 2 June-2003
Completion of RB Foundation Slab1 July-2002 2 Sep-2002
First Pour of Concrete1 Mar-2002 2 July-2002
Ground Break1 Sep-2001 2 Sep-2001