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TenderPublished DateLast Date of SaleLast Date of ReceiptSubject
NPCIL / GHAVP / CTC / 2017 / PT-49 20/01/201730/01/201709/02/2017Hiring of Multifunctional Color Laser Printer, Monochrome Plotter (A0 size), Two AutoCAD Draftsmen & Spiral Binding work at GHAVP site for 3 years. (Public Tender)
CMM / MISC / 00-00-5-4114 19/01/201703/02/201703/02/2017Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Furniture Items at NPCIL office, (NUB, VSB, TVS & WTC) at Mumbai (Details of Quantity of Furniture Items for providing AMC given at Annexure- I and Scope of Work & other Terms and Conditions given at Annexure – II under Section-C of Tender document.
CMM / FTP / 23-73-1-1159 19/01/201701/03/201701/03/2017Procurement of Chemical Addition SS Tank (SA 204 Type 304L) for Containment Filtered Venting System as per technical Specification, Drawings and Tender Documents for KAPP – 3&4 and RAPP – 7&8.
CMM / MEQ / 23-71-2-1117 06/01/201721/02/201721/02/2017Design, Engineering, Procurement of material, Manufacturing, Inspection & testing, Packing & forwarding, Safe delivery and Performance guarantee of Self-cleaning strainers along with accessories and Mandatory spares and Supervision of Erection & Commissioning of strainers for KAPP- 3&4 Project, Kakrapar, Gujarat.
CMM / HMP / 73-30-10-095 29/12/201613/02/201713/02/2017Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing, Supply, Packaging, Forwarding, Safe Delivery and Guarantee of CS Pipes for KAPP-3&4.
CMM / FTP / 00-00-1-1127 29/12/201609/02/201709/02/2017Procurement of all materials, Development, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, & Supply of Tube Sheet Plates in proof machined condition for End shields of 700 MWe PHWR as per NPCIL Technical specification No.PC-M-1066 Rev-0.
KAPP-3&4 / C&MM / CAP / 2004 21/12/201631/01/201731/01/2017Parker make compression type male tubing connector with double Ferrules, 12MM OD X 1/2'' NPT(M), SS316. (Public Tender)