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Facts on KK Project
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Misinformation is fuelling anti-nuclear protests
Facts on major points raised in the article of Shri Prafful Bidwai
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Station Is Essential For Development of Tamil Nadu
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Station, An Important Developmental Hub For Tamil Nadu
Official statement from ROSATOM
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Environmental Safety Reports
Brief Environmental Impact Assessment of KKNPP 1 & 2 (1988)
Comprehensive EIA Report of KKNPP 1 & 2 (2003)
Site Evaluation Report For KKNPP 3 to 6
Annexure to SER KKNPP 3-6
Report On Evalution Of Kudankulam - 1&2 For Location Of 2 x 1000 MWe VVER Nuclear Power Plant
Addressal of Key EIA Requirements of KKNPP 1 & 2 in the EIA Report of KKNPP 3 to 6
Comprehensive EIA Report of Additional Units of KKNPP 3 to 6 (2007)
Environmental Clearance for KKNPP 1 & 2
Environmental Clearance for KKNPP 3 & 4