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The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals & records held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions.
  • NPCIL HQ Rules & Schemes
    • NPCIL (LTC) Rules
    • NPCIL (Encashment of Leave) Rules 1994
    • NPCIL (Incentive Scheme for adoption of small family norms), 1991
    • NPCIL Scheme for granting funeral expenses of employees who die while in service
    • NPCIL (Employees group savings linked insurance) Scheme 1996.
    • NPCIL (Equipment advance) rules 1994.
    • NCPIL (Reimbursement of canteen subsidy) Scheme, 1994
    • NPCIL (Reimbursement of cable TV expenditure) Scheme, 2001
    • NPCIL (Hostel Subsidy) Scheme, 1991
    • NPCIL (Award of Scholarship to the children of employees) Scheme
    • NPCIL (Reimbursement of Tuition Fees) Scheme, 1996
    • NPCIL Contributory Medical Facilities (Retired Employees) Scheme, 1998
    • NPCIL Scheme for Compassionate Appointment
    • NPCIL (Cash Award - For Acquiring Higher Qualification) Scheme, 2000
    • NPCIL Instruction / Guidelines for forwarding of applications for employment
    • NPCIL (Conduct) Rules 1994
    • NPCIL (Discipline & Appeal) Rules 1996
    • NPCIL (Sponsorship for Higher Education) Scheme, 1996
    • NPCIL (Employee's Gratuity) Scheme, 1991
    • NPCIL (Premature Retirement) Scheme, 2001
    • NPCIL Scheme for membership in Professional Institutions 2002.
    • NPCIL (Employees Provident Fund) Scheme, 1990
    • NPCIL (Non-Contributory Provident Fund) Scheme, 1994
    • NPCIL (Deposit Linked Insurance) Scheme, 1991
  • Guideline on Exit Interviews of Officers
  • Guidelines for selection of Personnel for deputation on Foreign Assignment / Training Abroad.
  • Procedure to be followed by: Sr. EDs, EDs, Directors, Station Directors and Project Directors whenever they are leaving their respective HQs on tour / leave / deputation etc.
  • Guidelines for processing applications received for project work / field work / summer placement.
  • Promotion norms for Scientific and Technical Grades upto and including Grade SO/E.
  • Establishment / Procedure / Job Description Manuals.
  • Norms advertised for Group A & B for Non-technical Cadre Posts.
  • Tendering procedure.
  • Awarding works contracts/consultancy/Engineering contract/Service Contract