Shri S. Singha Roy
Director, Technical-LWR

S. Singha Roy, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, joined Madras Atomic Power Station, after completion of 27th Batch of BARC Training School in 1983. He was associated with the commissioning of various Nuclear and conventional system of MAPS Unit-II and joined Operation group & worked in round-the-clock shift operation. He was subsequently designated as Senior Maintenance Engineer (FHU), responsible for operation & maintenance, system modifications, life extension of critical equipments of Fuel Handling System, resulting in enhanced system performance. He was designated as Senior Maintenance Engineer (Mech.) in the year 2000 and was over all responsible for activities related to Mechanical Maintenance.


In January 2002, he joined En-masse Coolant Channel Replacement Group at MAPS as Additional Chief Engineer and was responsible for planning, co-ordination and execution of En-masse Coolant Channel Replacement Project for MAPS Unit-II. Subsequently, He has executed various life extension and plant up-gradation works, which includes, replacement of Feeder pipes for primary coolant system , En-masse Coolant Channel Replacement of MAPS-I, Up-gradation of electrical/ I&C system, replacement of boiler hair-pins, large-scale replacement of sea water pipe lines & valves, secondary system pipings, etc.

He was designated as Maintenance Superintendent of Madras Atomic Power Station and was responsible for coordinating activities related to the sections viz. Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Fuel Handling, Civil & Service Maintenance & station planning and participation in WANO Peer Review. Besides that, he was also member of Task Force constituted by NPCIL for preparation of a policy document for evaluation of residual life of equipment and also Committee for evaluation of follow-up measures of WANO Peer Review at NPPs.

He joined as Chief Construction Engineer for Jaitapur Project, on July 2010 and was subsequently designated as Project Director (JNPP) since December, 2011 for the implementation of 6 X 1650 MWe Units of EPR at Jaitapur Site.

He led the techno-commercial deliberations with Areva /Alstom, EDF, France and also been involved in finalizing various contracts for KKNPP3&4 and review of proposals for KKNPP 5&6.

He represented NPCIL in various technical, consultant meetings at IAEA, WANO technical exchange/workshops and has also been associated with AERB related regulatory review , as member of Advisory committee for Codes and Guides, member of SARCOP, member of Advisory group on Life management of Coolant Channel in PHWR and Chairman NPC SRC (O).

He is recipient of Kalpakkam Science and Technology Award (1994), NPCIL Technical Excellence Award (1998-99) and Indian Nuclear Society – Medal (2003).

He has been appointed as Director (Technical-LWR) on the Board of Directors of NPCIL w.e.f. 21st May 2016.