Shri D.S. Choudhary
Director, Operations

Shri Dilbag Singh Choudhary is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. He joined Department of Atomic Energy in the year 1985 through 29th Batch of BARC. After undergoing one year mandatory induction training, he worked at Madras Atomic Power Station as Operation Field Engineer for the initial one year and thereafter as Operation and Maintenance Engineer in Fuel Handling Unit for thirteen years. He was also associated with the health assessment of reactor components and assemblies. He took over as Senior Maintenance Engineer in the year 2000 and worked in same capacity for five years till May 2005. He has many firsts to his credit like, transfer of large number of irradiated low burnup fuel bundles from one reactor to the other before EMCCR anywhere in the world in PHWR type of reactors, silver sampling of coolant channels for Hydrogen pickup assessment using Fuelling Machines and visual inspection of calandria internals, dump tank and support rods with remote tooling.

He was transferred to Rajasthan Atomic Power Project- 5&6 in the year 2005 as Maintenance Superintendent. He established maintenance facilities and infrastructure, got prepared commissioning & maintenance documents, commissioned equipments in different process systems, and also commissioned Fuel Handling system, Control Systems and Electrical Systems in the capacity of commissioning superintendent for these systems. He continued working in same capacity till both units were synchronized with grid and performance stabilized after resolving teething troubles. As a result of quality commission and work executed with foresight and commitment by the team working with him, the Unit-5 created a record of continuous operation for 765 days in subsequent years.

He took over as Chief Superintendent at Narora Atomic Power Station, Uttarpradesh in the year 2011 and as Station Director in November 2013 at the same station. The efforts put in improving system performance and work practices resulted into improved performance of both the units and the station continues to operate with above 90% Capacity Factor most of the time for successive years.

He took over as Site Director, KKNPP on 22nd January 2018 and streamlined the work processes, addressing site specific requirements. He also carried out IAEA assignment to prepare a tech doc on inventory management in nuclear power stations and is a trained and qualified WANO reviewer. He specializes in Fuel Handling, commissioning and operation & maintenance of nuclear power stations.

Shri D.S. Choudhary assumed office as Director (Operations) on 14th August 2018 and focused on improving performance of nuclear power stations in NPCIL to a higher level. He is also Part time Director on the Board of ECIL since 12.02.2019 and NINECL since 03.09.2019.