Shri Mukesh Singhal
Director (HR)

Shri Mukesh Singhal is a Distinguished Scientist of Department of Atomic Energy. He has graduated in Chemical Engineering with Honours from IIT, Roorkee, in 1986 and subsequently completed Orientation Course in Nuclear Engineering from the 30th Batch of BARC Training School. Shri Singhal assumed office of Director (HR) on 16th October, 2019. As Director (HR), he is focused on organisational development activities, providing policy directions to improve the efficiency of human resource and enhancing the overall work culture. He led teams of HR professionals in all NPCIL locations. Shri Singhal is on the Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology (BRIT), DAE and NPCIL AnushaktiVidhyut Nigam Limited.

Prior to taking over as Director (HR), Shri Singhal was holding the position of Executive Director (Reactor Safety & Analysis), responsible for deterministic and probabilistic safety assessment. He has expertise in diverse areas of reactor safety and analysis involving Neutronics, Thermal-Hydraulics, Computational Fluid Dynamic, Hazards, Severe Accidents and Radiological Impact Assessment over the years in various capacities. He was responsible for a multitude of safety analysis which form the input for safe design and operation of Nuclear Power Plants. He was involved in safety review of Advance Heavy Water Reactor and Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor. Shri Singhal was responsible for safety reviews for all operating Stations as Member of the Committee and for the Project & Design activities as the Chairman of NPC-Safety Review Committee.

Shri Singhal has authored more than 70 papers in various international and national publications. He has represented India in various international forums OECD/NEA and IAEA showcasing in house developed nuclear technologies and bringing international acceptance to safety analysis codes.  Shri Singhal has been conferred with NPCIL Excellence Award 2010 and Group Achievement Awards in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Indigenous Nuclear Power programme.