Shri Sanjay Kumar
Director (Technical-LWR)

Shri Sanjay Kumar is a Mechanical Engineer from 29th Batch of BARC Training School. He after successful completion of one year training, joined NAPS in August, 1986.

During the last 34 years in NPB & NPCIL, Sh. Sanjay Kumar has made significant contributions to NPCIL program and growth while working at five out of seven NPCIL Sites in different capacities, before taking over the charge of Dir(T-LWR) on 12th March, 2020. He has worked for commissioning and operated NAPS-1&2, RAPS-3&4 and commissioning & first criticality of RAPS-6. He worked as TSS of KAPS-1&2, CS of KGS-3&4, Station Director of KGS-1&2, Site Director of KGS, Kaiga and KKNPP, Kudankulam Sites.

He was either the team leader or key member of teams which first time in NPCIL conducted activities, some of which became precedence subsequently. At RAPS-3 PHT header draining during initial power operation for maintenance, RAPS-3 DNM sampling header replacement deploying all weld joints, devised and implemented Antimony control measures in PHT system during header level control at RAPS-3&4, KAPS unit operation without make up water to Moticher lake due to maintenance taken on feeder canal, during KAPS-1 EMCCR shutdown- complete water draining of Suppression pool for maintenance, Calandria Vault leak repair, full draining of Calandria for maintenance, PHT feeder resizing to address CTM high alarm problem during full power operation, BCD temp monitoring scheme modification, major design up gradation in safety and safety related systems, are some of them. In lieu of his outstanding contributions at KAPS, he was awarded with NPCIL Excellence Award in 2011.

During his tenure from 2012 to 2018 as Station Director KGS-1&2 and Site Director, Kaiga Site, KGS-1 made world record in continuous operation by operating for 962 days continuously at capacity factor of 99.25%, breaking the prevailing world record of 942 days continuous operation of Heysham, a British gas cooled reactor; beyond which unit was shut down in planned manner for taking up BSD activities. During the same period, KGS-2 also clocked 692 days of continuous operation breaking its own continuous operation record. He was conferred with NPCIL Group Achievement Award (Group Leader) for the year 2018, in lieu of his outstanding contributions in continuous operation of KGS-1. During his tenure, year after year KGS stations adjudged best or second best Bench Marked NPCIL stations, won Fire & Industrial Safety awards from DGFASLI, National Safety award, National Safety Council awards, AERB Fire and Industrial Safety award, NSC Karnataka Chapter Safety award etc.

As Site Director Kudankulam Site from November, 2018 to March, 2020, with his vast experience of station and site management; worked for performance improvement of KKNPP-1&2 units. Because of Micro level planning with Russian and Indian experts, scheduling, contracting and continuous follow up, the major maintenance subsequent to damage of its bearings and journals of KKNPP-1 imported TG which was very challenging, could be successfully completed indigenously within shortest time. Similarly in 2019-20 RSD, Generator stator of KKNPP U-2 was replaced within record minimum 90 days which facilitated KKNPP-2 full power operation. Significant improvement in performance of KKNPP-1&2 has been achieved since 2019-20, which is very significant in overall performance of NPCIL.

Shri Sanjay Kumar took over as Director (Technical-LWR) w.e.f. 12th March 2020.