Sr No. Date Title Download
1 16/08/2016 Rejoinder to article dated August 12, 2016 published in DNA. Download pdf
2 04/02/2016 Rejoinder in response to an article published in 'The Hindu' 'Kudankulam plant not safe Download pdf
3 30/09/2014 International Atomic Energy Agency - 58th General Conference, Vienna, 24 September 2014 Download pdf
4 19/09/2013 General Conference(57th), Vienna,18 September 2013 - Statement by Dr Ratan Kumar Sinha, Download pdf
5 19/09/2013 Indian Nuclear Power Programme - DAE Presentation to US Industry Delegation IAEA, Download pdf
6 17/05/2013 Response of NPCIL to group of scientists' latter dated on 13.05.2013 with regard to KKNPP Download pdf
7 30/04/2013 Rejoinder to news article 'NPCL point man to ease Kudankulam startup' appeared Download pdf
8 08/04/2013 Reponse to Shri Nikhil M Ghanekar, Reporter Hindustan Times Download pdf
9 03/09/2012 Letter to Shri Suresh Prabhu Download pdf
10 13/08/2012 Letter to Retd Army Chief V K Singh Download pdf