NPCIL Partnerships and Diversification 

Newer Realms of Energy

Synergising human effort with the forces of nature, NPCIL continues its quest for energy is cater to the nation's growing needs. Along with its major role in nuclear power, NPCIL intends is contribute towards other clean sources of energy like wind power and hydro power as well.


Tapping Clean, Green Energy

Our responsibilities towards generating more clean energy and our business sense have propelled us to diversify into wind and hydro power. The wind power sector in India has the fourth largest installed capacity in the world and is the wind power leader in the developing world. To contribute to this sector, NPCIL initiated the operation of a 10 MWe wind farm at Kundankulam in Tamil Nadu, on 19th January 2007. NPCIL is working towards expanding this capacity.


Pumped Storage Schemes

The Company has signed an MoU to establish a joint venture with Tehri Hydroelectric Development Corporation Limited (THDC), Uttarakhand, to jointly develop hydro electricity projects. The Government of Maharashtra has allotted the Malshej Ghat (600 MWe) and Humbarli (400 MWe) Pumped Storage Schemes to the Joint Venture Company, for survey and investigation purposes.