NPCIL Mission and objective



The Mission of the Company is ‘To develop nuclear power technology and to produce nuclear power as a safe, environmentally benign and economically viable source of electrical energy to meet the increasing electricity needs of the country'.



  • To maximise the power generation and profitability from nuclear power stations with the motto ‘safety first and production next’.
  • Toincrease nuclear power generation capacityin the country, consistent with available resources in a safe, economical and rapid manner, in keeping with the growth of energy demand in the country.
  • To continue and strengthen QA activitiesrelating to nuclear power programme within the organisation and those associated with it.
  • To develop personnel at all levels through an appropriate Human Resources Development (HRD) programme in the organisation with a view to further improve their skills and performance consistent with the high technology.
  • To continue and strengthen the environmental protection measures relating to nuclear power generation.
  • To continue and strengthen the neighborhood welfare programme/CSR activities for achieving inclusive growth of surrounding population.
  • To share appropriate technological skillsand expertise at national and international levels.
  • To bring about modernisation and technological innovation in activities.
  • To coordinate and endeavor to keep the sustained association with the other units of DAE.


Bonding Better with the Planet and People Around

At NPCIL, we live the philosophy of caring and sharing.

NPCIL’s CSR activities are consistent as they are compassionate.

Our progressive CSR complements the quantum growth in our operations.