S.No. Tender No. Description Published Date Last Date of Sale Last Date of Receipt
1 NPCIL / GHAVP / CTC / 2020 / PT-131 Biennial Contract (Year 2020-22) for General Civil Maintenance & Miscellaneous Civil Works at NPCIL project Gorakhpur Haryana AnuVidyut Pariyojana (GHAVP), Village – Gorakhpur, Distt. – Fatehabad (Haryana) and GHAVP establishments at Hisar & Agroha, Distt. - Hisar (Haryana). 23/10/202003/11/202018/11/2020
2 NPCIL / GHAVP / CTC / 2020 / PT-130 Relocation of existing 33KV & 11KV overhead lines of M/s. DHBVN passing over the GHAVP township land at Agroha, Hisar.22/10/202003/11/202018/11/2020
3 CMM / OPS / 19-00-9-3340 Design, Development, Preparation of design documents and analysis report, Procurement of raw material, Manufacture, Fabrication, Assembly, Inspection, Testing, Qualification, Quality surveillance, Supply to KKNPP-1&2 site and Supervision during installation of Spent Fuel Storage Racks (SFSR) for Away from Reactor (AFR) Spent Fuel Storage Facility at KKNPP-1&2 Site.23/09/202010/11/202010/11/2020
4 CMM / EIC / 22-60-3-3492 Supply, Testing and Warranty of Analog Transmitters for Safety Critical Systems for RAPP-7&8 Project.18/09/202026/10/202026/10/2020