S.No. Tender No. Description Published Date Last Date of Sale Last Date of Receipt
1 CMM / FTP / 10-35-1-1226 Procurement of raw materials and bought-out items, manufacture, inspection, assembly, shop testing, packing, supply, safe delivery and warranty of Fuel Transfer (FT) equipment for GHAVP-1 and 2.17/09/202102/11/202102/11/2021
2 NPCIL / VSB / PFG / PF / 2021-22 / 004 Request for Quote for Sale of debt securities of NPCIL EPF and NPCIL ENCPF.15/09/202127/09/202127/09/2021
3 CMM / OPS / 53-73-9-3445 Design, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing Packing, Transportation, Performance of Functional Testing and Safe Delivery of Equipment / Components for Onsite Emergency Support Centre (OESC) Ventilation System along with Mandatory Spares and Supervision during Installation and Commissioning for RAPS-2, TAPS-3, NAPS-1&2, MAPS-1 &2, KAPS–1&2 and KGS Sites.01/09/202118/10/202118/10/2021
4 CMM / OPS / 55-60-9-3447 Design, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Preparation of various documents including Drawing, Supply and Installation & Commissioning and Training of Low Range Area Radiation Monitor (LRARM), High Range Area Radiation Monitor (HRARM), Hand & Foot Contamination Monitor, Frisker (Contamination Monitor) at Six Sites of NPCIL i.e. KAPS, TAPS, MAPS, RAPS, KGS & NAPS.01/09/202120/10/202120/10/2021
5 CMM / OPS / 56-50-9-3413 Supply of Electrical Equipments / Systems for On Site Emergency Support Center at six sites of NPCIL i.e. RAPS, KAPS, MAPS, TAPS, KGS & NAPS and Installation & Commissioning at RAPS only.05/08/202127/09/202127/09/2021
6 CMM / MEQ / 25-26-2-1179 Design, Development, Procurement of Raw Material, Manufacture, Fabrication, Assembly, Inspection, Testing, Seismic & Air Shock wave Qualification, Performance Testing, Quality Surveillance, Packing, Forwarding, Shipment, Safe Delivery to Site and Guarantee of Ventilation Channel Closing Devices with Erection Accessories for Main Plant Ventilation and Air Conditioning (A/C) Systems for KKNPP-3&4 Project.27/07/202130/09/202130/09/2021