India's energy needs are vast and growing. In spite of being the fifth largest electricity producer there are shortages and a significant section of the population does not have access to electricity. There is a need for large capacity addition, deploying all sources optimally.

Nuclear energy is an important clean energy option.

NPCIL is committed to ensure that nuclear power is safe, secure and economical. NPCIL also believes in inclusive growth and is undertaking many community welfare activities in the neighborhoods of its sites. NPCIL has also reached out to the public in its neighbourhoods and the country at large, through its various public communication programmes, disseminating information about activities and nuclear power in general.

To further enhance its outreach, this portal is being launched. You can post your query about NPCIL activities, Indian nuclear power programme, or any topic related to nuclear power on this portal which will be promptly addressed. Colleges. Teachers, Village panchayat groups or other organisations can also post requests for visiting our power stations or invite us to their locations which will also be arranged as per suitable schedule.

We sincerely hope this initiative of ours will be utilized by large numbers of people.
Know More About Nuclear Power
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