Sr No. Date Title Download
1 22/07/2024 Establishment of First Urban Forest of NPCIL at GHAVP Township. Download pdf
2 19/07/2024 Public Awareness e-Newsletter, June - 2024, KKNPP. Download pdf
3 18/07/2024 Report on Capacity Building Training Program for Medical Officers on Management of Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Response at RR Site. Download pdf
4 27/06/2024 Nuclear Energy Awareness programme for NCC cadets under NPCIL-NCC MoU. Download pdf
5 24/06/2024 Kakrapar Gujarat Site Public Outreach Activities for the Month of May 2024. Download pdf
6 19/06/2024 Public Awareness e-Newsletter, May - 2024, KKNPP. Download pdf
7 11/06/2024 Report on PA Programme conducted by GHAVP on 06.06.2024. Download pdf
8 10/06/2024 Nuclear Energy Awareness programme, NPCIL-NCC MoU. Download pdf
9 27/05/2024 Celebrating Innovation - National Technology Day Honoring the Past Inspiring the Future. Download pdf
10 22/05/2024 Report on Awareness Programme conducted as per NPCIL-NCC MoU at NCC Camps. Download pdf